Cutting Edge Imaging Systems Improve the Quality of Modern Healthcare

Cutting Edge Imaging Systems Improve the Quality of Modern Healthcare
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Healthcare providers use picture archiving and communications systems to stay at the cutting edge of medical service and technology. The need for technical and procedural innovation in imaging storage and reporting solutions includes facilities in big cities and small towns in every region of the country. The leading healthcare providers rely on proven pacs system vendors to keep them at the forefront of the industry with new technology and procedures.

Improved Technology Increases User Productivity

Communication service providers focus on improving the technology for the end user. Remote access to imaging technology is a growing trend in the industry. The use of a tablet to access images provides caregivers with increased freedom of movement and a versatile display. Voice recognition software allows users to multitask and access images while their hands are occupied. New technology development focuses on reducing the time it takes to share images and cutting out wasted motion during task execution. Enhanced efficiency lowers the cost of image archiving.

Efficient Procedures Create Clear Communication

Healthcare providers continue to improve their procedures for archiving and accessing patient images. Using a digital system reduces the number of duplicate images in the patient’s record and improves the efficiency of data management. Staff members can access these images remotely and securely, sharing them electronically with remote facilities as needed. Reports can be attached to the digital files, increasing the amount of information quickly available to caregivers. A comprehensive communication system creates an accurate picture of the patient’s history and allows data to easily be compared with other case histories.

Technology and Procedure Work Together

A complete picture archiving and communication system combines the benefits of technological and procedural innovation. Digital images can be manipulated by users who need to increase the size or rotate the image. A comprehensive archive system allows staff to better organize data and cross-reference patient files with case studies. Professional pacs system vendors create a system-agnostic database that operates on its own infrastructure for seamless case review within the healthcare provider’s daily workflow.

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