Chronic Pain Treatment: Medication and Injections

Chronic Pain Treatment: Medication and Injections
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Chronic pain has a wide variety of triggers: injuries, congenital defects, diseases, and more. The root cause of chronic pain, however, has not yet been pinpointed. In addition, the various types of chronic pain could easily have different root causes. What medical professionals can do for now, at least, is provide relief for chronic pain with certain treatment methods. Before you plug “pain clinic near me” into a search bar, you may want to know a bit about the treatment options.


The better-known medication options include opioids, standard NSAIDs, and muscle relaxers. These drugs are designed to reduce the stimulation your brain is receiving from the affected areas of your body, either by reducing inflammation, decreasing spasm frequency or directly interacting with the nervous system to decrease feelings of pain. Not so well known medications include certain types of antidepressants and anti-seizure medicine that interact with your body in unique ways to reduce pain.


Most often, people tend to think of neck and back pain when picturing pain management injections. While injection treatment is widely used for chronic neck and back pain, it has other applications as well. A person with chronic abdominal pain can receive an injection to find relief, for example. They can also be used to treat pain in areas other than the spine and abdomen, depending on the underlying condition. A common feature of the various types of injections is the use of contrast dye to assist with proper needle placement. Some people are allergic to contrast dye, so you may wish to let your doctor know this if he or she suggests an injection.

While this brief guide can get you started understanding chronic pain treatment options, consulting with your doctors is always a wise move. When it comes to your health, most people want to be sure they consult with an expert.

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