Cancer Care at a Glance

Cancer Care at a Glance
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Cancer care in Washington, DC includes several highly reputable cancer treatment centers. At this time, cancer is one of the most common diseases. Unfortunately, many people do not understand what cancer is, the symptoms, the risks, and the treatment options available. This could be due to lack of accurate information or to simply being overwhelmed by all the information that can be overwhelming at such a personal and professional level. It is important to have all the information that you can so that you can make an informed decision when deciding on cancer care.

Cancer care in Washington, DC combines doctors from a number of different specialties to work together in providing the most comprehensive cancer center care possible. This city has the only technology currently in place that directs focused radiation into the head and neck areas from a high-energy beam focused in on the tumors. This state-of-the art, picture-guided radiation treatment system is loaded with an extensive set of clinical treatment services to provide patients the very best care possible.

The clinical trials and cancer center’s other cancer treatments work hand-in-hand with the clinical trials in providing the latest treatment options and advances in our understanding of cancer and its cure. A great deal of research and clinical trials are ongoing in Washington, DC. These medical tests and research studies focus on finding better ways to treat and detect cancers early. Many cancers are found at an earlier and more aggressive stage than if discovered later in life. This new knowledge and research will ultimately benefit all of our population.

Other medical oncologists in Washington, DC to work alongside cancer specialists to treat all types of cancers and other disease processes. Treatment options are constantly expanding and research is finding better ways to treat and prevent diseases like cancer. There are now over 4000 different types of cancer, with the number growing every day. We are learning that cancer is no longer a deadly disease but one with many different kinds of diseases that can be treated. Treatments are also focused on finding new ways to target the growth of cancers and use drugs that will specifically stop cancer cells from multiplying and continue to fight other diseases that are caused by the same virus or disease.

Some of the latest treatment options for some cancers are: Gene therapy, targeted drug therapy, biological therapy, and immunotherapy. Gene therapy has opened up the possibilities to transplanting healthy genes into cancer patients in order to help them fight their disease. Targeted drug therapy has given doctors the ability to treat specific cancers with carefully targeted drugs to help them control the progression of the disease. Biological therapy uses the immune system against cancerous tumors to help destroy them and prevent the recurrence of cancer after surgery.

There are also clinical trials focusing on other methods of treating cancer. For example, researchers are testing new laser technology for treating malignant tumors. The latest clinical trial involving tracheostomy and radiation therapy called CART trial is looking at how well these two treatments work together. Another clinical trial using radiation and chemo therapy is called CO2 cell cancer vaccine trial. There are many other types of clinical trials taking place all over the world. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer and are in need of cancer care, your first step is to find out what treatment options are available to you.

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