5 Tips for Protecting Joints Affected By Arthritis in Summer

5 Tips for Protecting Joints Affected By Arthritis in Summer
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Showing symptoms like the reduced range of motion, poor flexibility, joint pain, swelling, and morning stiffness, etc., Arthritis is a group of joint diseases that affects both males and females, but it’s more common among those above 60. Affecting over 50 million people in the US, arthritis is a problem that has no permanent treatment.

The treatments that people seek for joint diseases that fall under the category of arthritis, only aim at addressing the signs and symptoms. And the worst part is that arthritis pain varies according to the weather conditions. For example, people with joint inflammation claim that their pain worsens in the peak winter period; therefore, it’s essential for them to take extra care during this time.

Similarly, there are also those who claim that their arthritis pain starts worsening in summer. However, before we start discussing how to manage arthritis pain in summer, let’s try to learn a bit more about arthritis first.

A principal cause of disability in the US, arthritis can keep people from performing their day to day activities if the inflammation is too severe.

In layman’s terms, arthritis is joint inflammation that occurs due to overuse of joints, injuries to bones that make a joint, and overweight, etc. Carrying out physical activities that put excessive pressure on your joints can increase the risk of arthritis. For example, if you workout every day, and you like performing high-intensity exercises, then it might affect your joints in the future.

We have already discussed that it’s more common among seniors, but that doesn’t mean it does not affect children. According to the Arthritis Foundation, “Almost 300,000 babies and children have arthritis or a rheumatic condition.” The Arthritis Foundation also says that “…about 54 million adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis.”

The US is not the only country where people struggle with arthritis; the fact is, it’s a problem that’s common among people across the world.

So, if you are also struggling with arthritis, here is how you can protect your joints in the upcoming summer season.

Consult a Physical Therapist

One of the best ways to manage your arthritis pain in the summer is to seek specialized physical therapy treatments from a reliable physical therapy clinic. Physical therapists strive to enhance the ability of their patients to perform physical activities without pain and discomfort. So if you consult them, they will design individualized care plans to meet your specific needs.

According to Power In Motion Rehabilitation, “Your physical therapist will conduct a physical evaluation to determine what the best course of treatment will be for you.”

They will use techniques that best suit your requirements. They generally use manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to reduce pain, enhance flexibility, and improve range of motion.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Apart from seeking physical therapy, you should also focus on wearing comfortable clothes in summers if the rise in temperature starts worsening your joint pain.

Opt for fabrics that can keep you comfortable in the upcoming months because the hotter the weather, the more swelling you will experience in your joints, which will flare up your pain like anything.

Keep Your Body Hydrated in Summer

Drinking more water is highly beneficial for reducing inflammation so you must avoid dehydration in summers. Water helps in flushing out toxins from your body, which play a vital role in fighting inflammation. Apart from that, water also helps in keeping you energetic all the time.

Reduce Your Weight

People with arthritis can’t afford to be overweight because it worsens their condition; therefore, they should shed those extra pounds quickly. If you also experience mild to severe pain due to arthritis, you consult a dietitian to reduce your weight without affecting your health.

Your dietitians will create an effective diet plan for you; all you have to do is follow it effectively. They will ask you to consume foods that are not only healthy but will also reduce inflammation.

People who do not consult a dietitian, and create a diet plan on their own, end up making several mistakes. They not only make the mistake of eliminating significant foods from their diet but also opt for methods such as intermittent fasting without consulting a doctor that can have a severe impact on their health. Therefore, when it comes to reducing weight, it’s always better to rely on a dietitian for figuring out what to eat and what not.

Perform Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is also essential for keeping your joints healthy and active in summers. You should stick to low-impact workouts because they won’t put any undue stress on your joints. Also, make sure that you stick to warmups because they play a vital role in preparing your body for performing the exercise.

You can reduce workout injuries to a great extent if you stick to warmups.

Last but not least, avoid taking stairs because that puts a lot of pressure on your weight-bearing joints.

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