3 Great Medicinal Edibles That You Need to Try

3 Great Medicinal Edibles That You Need to Try
September 24 14:40 2020 Print This Article

Wondering if there’s a better way to enjoy nature’s best medicine – the cannabis plant? If you haven’t tried edibles, you’re seriously missing out. The next time you stop by your favorite dispensary, keep your eyes out for these three interesting edibles.

1. PTS Tutti Frutti Gum

Cannabis gum works with your sublingual pathway, which means that the gum is slowly broken down to release active cannabinoids as you chew it. It allows users to accurately dose to meet their needs, since sublingual delivery of cannabinoids provides a slow release that gives the user longer-lasting relief as compared to other delivery methods. Each piece of PTS Tutti Frutti Gum contains 10mg THC. On your next visit to your trusted marijuana dispensary Chicago, be sure to look for this unique edible.

2. Revolution Indica Hot Cocoa

Revolution is one of the dominant players in the Illinois medicinal cannabis space. They offer a full range of products under a variety of brands. The Indica Hot Cocoa contains 70mg THC. To enhance the flavor of the product and give the user the full hot cocoa experience, infused marshmallows are included in the hot cocoa mix.

3. Nature’s Grace and Wellness Strawberry White Chocolate Bar 

Nature’s Grace and Wellness is a family-run business whose mission is to provide quality medicinal cannabis products to medical and adult-use users. Nature’s Grace products are grown on a family farm in Fulton County, Illinois. The Strawberry White Chocolate Bar provides 100mg of THC and features a Hybrid strain of cannabis. Nature’s Grace uses a distillation process to provide the best possible flavor for users. They aim to reduce the cannabis flavor of their products instead of simply masking it.

These three unique edibles are truly worthy of a closer look. Pick each of them up on your next dispensary run and you’ll be sure to find your newest favorite product!

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