Postural Correction and Your Health

Postural Correction and Your Health
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Poor posture can play a significant factor in your overall well-being. Spending hours in front of a computer without interruption and continually craning your neck downwards to look at a mobile device is causing a growing number of people to develop spinal misalignment. These problems can lead to chronic pain, mobility limitations, and even changes to people’s physical appearance. Here are some three things that you should know about postural correction and your health.

1. You May Benefit From Spinal Adjustment

Repetitive motion and prolonged periods of exercising poor posture can cause your spinal column to lock in awkward positions, creating the feeling of a pinched nerve or tenuous movements. For help with chiropractic biophysics Boynton Beach FL, work with a provider who can offer a range of services to help you correct misalignments.

2. You Need to Use an Ergonomic Workstation

Spending eight hours a day or more at a workstation that forces your body into a bad position can have serious repercussions. Setting up your workstation to promote proper posture can help provide relief and also prevent occupational injury over time. Your monitor should be eye level so that you don’t have to move your neck up or down to look at it. Your keyboard should be close to your body, preferably on a rolling tray, so you don’t have to strain forwards to type. You may also benefit from using a split keyboard, so you don’t have to strain your shoulders to bring your hands together for an extended period of time.

3. You Can Change Your Behavior to Improve Your Condition

Unless you take action, physical problems resulting from poor posture can worsen in a relatively short amount of time. Be conscientious about how you hold your phone or tablet. Try to avoid staying seated in an uncomfortable position for too long and remember to take time to stretch and move to maintain good joint function.

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