Benefits of Starting Pilates

Benefits of Starting Pilates
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When you see people doing Pilates, you might say no to it. You think that it’s challenging, and it’s only for physically active individuals. The truth is that it’s for everyone. There are also different levels available. You can start with the easy positions before going to the more difficult ones. If you decide to give Pilates a try, these are the benefits that you will get.

Connection of mind and body

There are times when your body can’t perform what your mind desires. With Pilates, you can find a way to connect both. As you get older, your muscles and bones get weaker. The connection also starts to weaken. With Pilates, you might feel surprised by what you’re capable of doing. It won’t be challenging to do some tasks in the future. Even if you get busy or have to rush, it doesn’t stress you out.

Improve balance and flexibility 

Again, as you get older, the body no longer functions as it used to. You will have issues with balance. You’re not as flexible as before. Therefore, it helps to start doing Pilates. You will find it easier to balance your body and try to be more flexible. It also keeps you free from muscle and bone diseases.

You can lose weight

If you want to lose weight, but don’t want high-impact exercises, Pilates is perfect. It might seem challenging at first, but you will eventually get used to it. Given what your body does in the process, it will increase the heart rate and lead to weight loss. The best part is that Pilates is perfect for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your age, gender, or weight is. You can start the process right away.

You will have increased energy levels

You might start to realize that you’re no longer as energetic as a few years ago. When you have too many tasks to finish, you get exhausted quickly. Pilates can help bring that energy back. Even with ageing, it won’t be a problem.

When doing activities that require mental strength, Pilates is also perfect. You can focus on the task even if it requires a long time. Concentration becomes more difficult as people get older.

Give it a try now

It’s understandable if you still hesitate now. When you look at Pilates videos, you might think that it’s not good. However, if you give it a try, great results are possible. Don’t force yourself to try difficult positions when the body can’t do them yet. You may also consult a Pilates instructor in Sidcup or a sports massage therapist in Sidcup to give more ideas on what Pilates is. Once you feel confident about it, start signing up. Give it a few sessions and see if it’s the perfect exercise.  You still have second thoughts for now, but it feels better when you see the results. Try to inspire your friends and family members to do the same so you can have Pilates buddies to work out with.

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