5 Exercises for People with Busy Schedules

5 Exercises for People with Busy Schedules
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You all know the significance of health and wellness. However, making time to work out when you have a super busy and hectic routine feels almost impossible. Convincing yourself to hit the gym or make time for a Pilates or Yoga class becomes really hard and you are perhaps too exhausted to even consider it. And when you realize that you are constantly gaining weight, you end up looking up exercises on your internet that you can manage with your busy routines. Thanks to the internet for facilitating us. We would suggest subscribing to a quality internet plan such as one of the Optimum Internet bundles for smooth browsing and streaming of work out videos. Look up the fitness gurus and Yogis on YouTube to save yourself from our national epidemic called obesity. In this blog post, we are going to suggest some workouts, which you can easily fit into your busy routine.

You just need to have a firm resolve to make fitness an essential part of your life. Let us help you with that.

Break a Sweat while You Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows

This super quick 5-minute workout routine you can easily do during the advertisement breaks.

·         20 squats

·         10 push-ups

·         15 mountain climbers

·         5 burpees

·         5 tricep dips.

Once you build the required stamina, increase the number of squats to 30, push-ups to 20, mountain climbers to 20, and burpees to 20. Make the tricep dips 15.

A Quick 20-minute Gym Routine during Your Lunchtime Or in the Morning

Now lets move on to some serious stuff! If your office has facilitated you with a gymnasium, make use of that. And if you don’t have a gym at your office, take 20 minutes before you get ready for office and do this essentially quick workout. This routine combined with a little care with what you eat will prove to be a great starting point. It will tone up your body and you will notice a difference in your stamina too. Your steps would be lighter as you go up the stairs of a building or a subway station!

You have to do all the following strength moves for about 60 seconds. Try to complete as many reps as possible in that given timeframe. It also has two cardio moves, which you will do for a couple of minutes each. The total time that it takes is 10 minutes, so repeat the whole circle twice.

  1. Squats: Let us simplify it for you. Take a bench and keep it behind you. Bend your knees and lower into a squat position. Let the weight be on your heels. Get low and let your butt tap the bench but don’t sit down. Press through the heels and stand back up. Continue this for a minute.
  2. Triceps Dips: Stand in front of a bench. Place your palms with your fingers facing forward on the seat. Keep the back flat and walk the legs out right in front of the body. Now bend your arms and lower your butt towards the ground while you keep your elbows pointed directly behind your body. Straighten up your arms and return to the initial position. Continue for a minute.
  1. Single-leg Squats: sit on a bench, lift one leg, and let it extend in front of you. Stand up while driving the foot’s heel that’s on the floor. Lower back slowly to the seated position. Continue for a minute and then switch sides for another minute’s rep.
  2. Push-Ups: You know the drill. But to make it more effective, place the hands on the top of the workout bench and execute an elevated push-up. Continue for a minute.
  3. Mountain Climbing: Keep the aforementioned position as for the push-up. Drive the right knee under the chest. When you return the right foot back to the elevated high plank posture, simply drive the left knee under the chest. Continue for both sides for 2 minutes.

This routine will help you immensely and energize your body for the whole day. For more options in workout routines, catch one of the channels on your Optimum Cable that are dedicated to fitness diets and workouts. You can even do the exercise whilst watching them. Just note their airtime and make a point of catching them. Good luck!

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