Why should we do consumption of raw egg?

Why should we do consumption of raw egg?
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Since thousands of years ago, the egg is one of the staple foods for humans. It started from hunt poultry egg, followed by the poultry domestication for meat and eggs. Today, chicken egg is the type that is most widely consumed among other poultry eggs. Chicken egg contains many elements that are very useful for the health of the human body. raw eggConsumption process can be done in several ways, namely boiled, and fried, to be eaten in a raw state. The trend of eating eggs in a raw state is becoming more popular by the day. This trend cannot be separated from the fact that eating eggs in a raw state has several advantages. Among them are as follows:

1. Reduce cholesterol levels
According to some studies that have been conducted, raw eggs have cholesterol content is much lower when compared with eggs that have been processed. We should know that eggs that have been processed to have high cholesterol content and this fact caused by the concentration of oil that arises during processing. For example, during the process of frying eggs, oil will penetrate into the structure of the egg and increase the cholesterol content.

2. Healthy heart
Consumption of raw eggs can be useful for heart, because raw eggs contain lecithin which is good for the blood vessels to the heart.

3. Reduce the risk of cancer
Cancer risk can be reduced by eating raw eggs because raw eggs contain tryptophan and tyrosine. Tryptophan and tyrosine are two types of nutrients that can prevent cell mutations that potentially cause cancer.

4. Good mood
In the above explanation, it has been said that the raw egg contains tryptophan and tyrosine. Besides being able to prevent cell mutations, two types of these nutrients are able to create a good mood because of the influence of these nutrients are able to integrate hormone dopamine and norepinephrine are responsible for the psychological condition of a person, and the integration between dopamine and norepinephrine is able to change the mood into a better condition than before.cataract1a

5. Reduce the risk of cataracts
Raw eggs contain two types of anti-oxidants that can prevent cataracts. Two types of substances are lutein and zeaxanthin.

6. Increase muscle strength
It has been a long time; the athletes are accustomed to eating raw eggs. Of course this fact has its own base, because raw eggs can increase muscle strength. There are several studies that link between the strength of athletes with exercise and food, and raw eggs are one type of food that is responsible for a great power possessed by most athletes. Raw eggs contain protein in very high concentrations that are very useful in the preparation and development of muscle cells.

7. Improving lung health condition
For patients with lung damage from smoking or are more often referred to as emphysema, the consumption of raw eggs can be very helpful. Many cases of emphysema are solved with the consumption of raw eggs on a regular basis and in a long time. Of course this is a cheap solution to overcome emphysema.

8. Contribute to the process of recovery after chemotherapy
Chemotherapy process that has been done requires a series of recovery efforts. In some restoration efforts, the protein is one of the most important elements. Crude protein content in raw egg is relatively purer and more when compared to egg that has been processed. This fact indicates that the consumption of raw eggs is very important for chemotherapy patients.
Above explanations are some brief explanations of the major benefits of consuming raw eggs for human health. You must always remember that the consumption of raw egg is safe.


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