Traits of a Great and Reliable Dentist

Traits of a Great and Reliable Dentist
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Everybody needs to make a trip to the dentist at some point! People tend to have a really great experience with their dentist or really horrible experiences. If it’s all about getting teeth cleaned it should be a neutral experience. Really, it is not at all neutral. There are certain character traits of a dentist that makes the whole visit so much better. That’s what dentists like pursue: a wonderful experience. 

Does the dentist have an easy-going personality?

There’s nothing like having a dentist who is calm and makes you feel comfortable. Tension can easily arise when a dentist is stressed out or has an excitable personality. Many people are already anxious upon entering the dentist’s office so having a dentist that causes more anxiety is a sign of a poor fit. 

Does the dentist make you feel comfortable?

Yes, people most commonly go in for cleaning, but there could be more extensive procedures that need to happen. A good dentist will explain exactly what he is going to do, and about how long it is going to take. He will give instructions that might be needed on your end after the appointment and his overall tone make you feel comfortable in regard to what is about to happen.

Do you trust your dentist’s skills?

Thank goodness for reviews and testimonials, because they can give us a great indication of whether a particular dentist can be trusted or not. The experiences of others can reveal so much about the trustworthy factor of a dentist. Spend some time searching online for reviews of dentists in your area, or ask local friends, family, or neighbors if they have a good dentist recommendation. 

Does the dentist show empathy?

It could be easy for a dentist to be arrogant and cold when it comes to dealing with patients, who might be afraid or nervous. The dentist knows their own skills, strength, abilities, and know that they can do a good job. However, a good dentist will come down to earth and relate and understand a patient that might be nervous and scared.

Is the dentist communicative?

When a doctor of any sort is great at communication it causes everything to go so much smoother. You want to see that your dentist is not treating you just like another number. You should feel like he or she takes time to fill you in, and is not afraid to answer any of your questions.

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