Preparing Children for Dental Visits

Preparing Children for Dental Visits
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Dental VisitsMany adults are terrified of visiting the dentist, so it is only natural that children will feel some of that same apprehension. There are many things you can do to make your children’s semi-annual dental visits less frightening and possibly even enjoyable experiences. The following tips will help your children adopt a positive view of the dentist.

Seek a dentist with a healthy attitude toward children. Check online for the office’s written policy on young patients. For example, Dental Elegance in Gilbert, Arizona, says, “We understand that visits to the dentist can be frightening, especially for children. Our dentists provide a very gentle setting for all our patients.” Look for offices with a similarly understanding approach toward children. Don’t limit your search to children’s dentists; while some offices specialize in children’s dentistry, some family dental practices are equally as good.

Read online reviews and talk to other parents to get their opinion of local dentists. If your pediatrician has children, ask for a dental recommendation.

If an office makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to move on. If you are not at ease with the dentist, your children will share that nervousness.

Take your children to dental visits as young as possible. Establish a relationship between your dentist and your children. If possible, allow them to view a gentle dental procedure, like a polishing.

Let your children sit on your lap during your own dental visit. If they are willing, have the dental hygienist give the kids a ride on the dental chair. If the staff will not happily take the time to make your little ones feel comfortable, chances are they are not a good match for your family.

Bring fun sunglasses for the children to wear during exams. Some dentists provide these for the kids. The children feel special wearing the shades, and the glasses block the bright light from shining in little eyes.

At home, read books about dentists and tooth care. Role play with dolls and toys, and then play dentist yourself as you check your children’s teeth.

Dental Visits1Teach your children proper oral hygiene and proper diet. Keeping their teeth healthy means dental visits are pleasant events with little scraping and no drilling. That will give your children a positive dental experience early in life, which will hopefully carry through to their later years.

If your child is severely anxious and needs dental care, consider sedation. Not all sedation is created equal; your child can be made almost completely unaware or merely put into a more relaxed state.

Set a positive example with your own attitude toward the dentist. If you are a cheerful dental patient, your children will be, too.

Your children can learn to develop a positive outlook about visiting the dentist. This will benefit them throughout their lives, reducing anxiety and encouraging proper dental hygiene and dentist visits. The small steps you take today will help your child have a beautiful smile throughout their lives.

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