Is Sedation Dentistry for You?

Is Sedation Dentistry for You?
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sedation-dentistryMost dental procedures are painless, but that doesn’t lessen the anxiety and fear suffered by many Americans. Anxiety and phobias, in this case, are often considered the same things, but they’re quite different. While both stem from fear or uncertainty, they’re on opposing teams playing on the same field. Anxiety is the discomfort or fear that can lead to phantom pain or physical illness when thinking about a specific situation like sitting in the dentist’s chair. A dental phobia, however, kicks anxiety over the goal post often resulting in paralyzing fear or a complete emotional meltdown over the same situation.

Regardless of whether the fear is legitimate to onlookers is immaterial. The crippling fear of going to the dentist is real for up to 15% of the American population. Like it or not, dental work is still mandatory for serious oral issues. In specific cases, sedation dentistry can be the saving grace for patients with deep anxiety and phobias. But what is sedation dentistry and how does it work with a holistic dentist?

What Is Oral Sedation Dentistry?
Sometimes someone is such an emotional wreck by the time of their dental appointment that it’s not only difficult but also dangerous for the dentist to attempt to perform the treatment. The root of the fear is real to the patient and differs in each case. But if the dentist can’t do his or her job, safely what’s the point in even trying? Well, oral health can’t just be ignored because it’s uncomfortable to think about. And when serious issues arise, they must be handled immediately to avoid more complicated and expensive issues down the line. Sedation dental care was developed for these situations.

The process uses sedentary medications (tranquilizers, anti-anxiety meds, depressants, nitrous oxide) to calm the patients or put them into a gentle “sleep” during the procedure. The medications provide just enough relief that most patients don’t even recall the visit afterward. Their anxiety and fear centers are blocked during the appointment and they awaken from a gentle sleep, completely devoid of any discomfort beyond recuperation needs.

Is This Safe in Holistic Dentistry?
Young Woman Having Dental CheckupMost holistic dental patients don’t need sedentary dentistry, but it’s an option for specific cases. Your Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist may suggest nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral Vitamin C, homeopathy, or distraction methods (TV, music through headphones, or artwork) instead. But if sedation is the best option, lighter versions of biocompatible anxiety medications will be used. Sedation doesn’t necessarily require needles, and many of the medications can be taken orally. It is safe for all age groups, including children. However, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has specific guidelines and suggestions for parents who opt to go this route.

Are Patients Really Put Under? And What About Post-Op Care?
While sedentary dentistry is often called “sleep dentistry”, you’re not really unconscious at all. The medication lulls you into such a deep relaxation that the body’s pain receptors are dulled. There is nothing scary or immodest about the process. But in the event you’re concerned about that, you’re welcome to bring along a trustworthy confidant or companion to hold your hand and ensure your safe return home. Your holistic dentist simply has a job to do, and it’s easier to handle if you’re relaxed.

Unlike traditional dentistry, holistic dentists find that two-thirds of all wisdom tooth extractions are completely unnecessary. Root canals are also not performed in this branch. Pain may be an issue nonetheless for specific procedures, depending on the patient’s needs and tolerance. Anesthetics and recovery medications aren’t prescribed or provided in holistic dentistry. But other options are, such as scientifically proven homeopathic methods and infrared healing devices. Discuss the post-op care with your dentist to alleviate all worries. Fort Lauderdale Dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron, wants to make sure you get proper and complete holistic dental care at the International Center for Dental Excellence, and if dental anxiety is one of your worries, then let’s talk about it.

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