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The positive effects of tobacco for human health 0

Tobacco is generally known by public as a harmful plant (if consumed, like tobacco found in cigarettes). Some adverse effects that may result from the use of tobacco in cigarettes is irritation of the eyes and nose, headache, hoarse throat,… Read More

Knowing Acupuncture as one way to heal diseases without side effects 0

Acupuncture is one type of treatment or therapy which comes from the ancient China. Since few years ago, acupuncture began to be widely used by the community, not only in China, but also has spread to all corners of the… Read More

Knowing Progeria, an aging disease caused by gene mutation 0

According to the study, progeria or premature aging disease is a genetic disease caused by a gene mutation. Progeria is not hereditary and not contagious. This disease is a very rare type of genetic disorder. Progeria is derived from the… Read More

Stem Cells Therapy: The new hope for healing degenerative diseases 0

There are many degenerative diseases like kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s cure are now can be cured by stem cell therapy. The good news for ladies is that amazing therapy can be a new hope for skin problems… Read More

Bad habits those are harmful for your kidneys! 0

The kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body. Kidneys have a role to filter the blood. Every day we eat a variety of foods and beverages. Certainly in its processing, the ingredients will produce a… Read More

How to prevent diabetes in your daily life? 0

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the “biggest killer diseases” to humans, after heart attacks and cancer. In recent decades, the number of diabetics is becoming increasingly faster than before. Many experts who work in the health field argue that this… Read More

Why should we do consumption of raw egg? 0

Since thousands of years ago, the egg is one of the staple foods for humans. It started from hunt poultry egg, followed by the poultry domestication for meat and eggs. Today, chicken egg is the type that is most widely… Read More

Cryosurgery: Frozen Hazard for Cancer 0

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in humans. Since many years ago until now, many treatment methods are discovered and developed, but none of them can be a general treatment method that can be done for all… Read More

The best home remedies for neck pain support you 0

Many men and women often suffer from the neck pain because their poor lifestyle and lack of care while doing their regular works. The foremost causes of this health problem are poor posture, a too-soft mattress, and more than normal… Read More

Natural ways to cure tonsils 1

Tonsils are the common problem faced by number of persons during the winter season and it can be cured with some natural ideas. Permanent relief can be obtained from the tonsils when they follow the natural remedies provided on the… Read More